Committed to Service & Access to Justice: 

In addition to dedicated service to clients, Sol Law provides pro bono and low bono representation in Boulder County, Colorado by volunteering and service to Boulder County Legal Services and Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley.  Sol Law also provides community education regarding domestic relations matters at no cost and volunteers for Boulder County Bar Association's free Virtual Legal Clinic. Sol Law was formed in 2020 with a commitment to access to justice and continues to be dedicated to that commitment through hundreds of hours of service in the community each year.  

Divorce, Child Custody & Child Support and Spousal Maintenance 

Lila has assisted hundreds of clients successfully navigate divorce and/or child custody issues, whether through trial or settlement.  In Colorado, a divorce is referenced as a "Dissolution of Marriage" and custody issues (including child support) are referred to as "Allocation of Parental Responsibilities."  Sol Law can assist you in starting a divorce or custody case or modifying previous orders. 

Child and Family Investigator Services 

Lila is a Child and Family Investigator ("CFI") as designated by the State of Colorado Judiciary.  A CFI is a court appointed expert in child custody matters. A CFI is appointed by the Court to investigate and make recommendations to the court as to "decision making" and "parenting time" and any other issue related to child custody, as ordered by the court or agreed to by the parties. Lila's background in human services (in additional to her legal experience) results in comprehensive and thorough reports that the courts, attorneys, and parties use to litigate or settle custody matters. Sol Law takes state-paid appointments (for indigent parties) in addition to the full-pay matters. 

Civil Protection Orders

In cases involving domestic violence and/or child abuse, it is sometimes appropriate to seek a protection order for safety issues.  While domestic violence criminal cases often include a protection order, those protection orders are only valid for the duration of the criminal sentence.  And, in some cases, law enforcement involvement is not appropriate. Civil protection orders are a way in which individuals can seek a protection order for safety without the criminal justice system or in addition to the criminal justice system.  Lila has extensive experience both litigating these issues and as an instructor / trainer for attorneys and judges in this areas of the law. 

Appellate Litigation 

Not all cases are resolved to satisfaction.  In some cases, the case may be appealed if certain legal or factual errors occurred at the trial level of litigation. Whether you are a client of Sol Law and wish to appeal a court's orders or you are seeking an appeal from an order you receive representing yourself or through another attorney, Sol Law can assist you in evaluating if your case is "appealable" and assist you in litigating an appeal.  The deadlines to appeal a case are very specific and narrow; if you have a case in which you would like evaluated for a possible appeal, contact Sol Law as quickly as possible, ideally within a week of the order you wish to appeal. 

Mediation & Non-Contested Divorce/Custody  

As a previous Family Court Facilitator, Lila has a unique skill in effectuating amicable resolution for divorce and custody matters.  Lila conducted approximately 900 domestic relations status conferences for the Boulder County District Court.  Working with, and literally sitting with, parties in varying levels of family conflict has equipped Lila with a unique ability to assist parties in coming to amicable resolutions. Lila has assisted  hundreds of families in reaching resolutions without the stress of litigation and conflict. Contact Sol Law for further information on non-contested or mediated divorce/child custody. 

Pre- and Postnuptial Agreements 

Sol Law can provide parties with the information they need to AVOID litigation if a relationship were to end.  While couples often avoid this topic (after all, who wants to discuss divorce in all of the excitement of marriage?), it is often the most caring thing you can do for a partner to determine the parameters of a divorce and separation if one were to occur.  Often these options are also very good for individuals entering a second marriage when each party has children from previous relationships.  With the knowledge of domestic relations law, Sol Law can create a comprehensive and realistic plan to avoid conflict if the marriage were to end.  

Step-Parent Adoptions, Termination & Relinquishment  

Juvenile law issues are slightly different than divorce and custody matters, because they originate from a related, yet different, set of laws.  Under certain circumstances, a parent or adult can petition for the Court to end a parenting relationship (termination or relinquishment) or solidify the legality of parent-child relationship (step-parent/kin adoption).  Sol Law can assist in analyzing if your matter is appropriate for this type of litigation (legal standards are different than in custody matters).

High Conflict &

Complex Litigation

Family Law matters such as relocation, domestic violence & child abuse, grandparent custody, non-parent custody issues and multi-state issues are often complex and highly contested.  Lila has experience in both litigation and settlement in all of these high-conflict issues as well as novel issues such as cryptocurrency. These issues require advance knowledge of the law, the court system, family dynamics, criminal law issues & social and societal matters.  All of these issues require assertive advocacy.  Lila's background ranging from human services to working inside the court system and working in unique areas of practice creates a synergistic and wholistic approach to these issues.  Although litigation is often necessary for high conflict issues, Lila is also skilled in the ability to settle even the most conflicted of matters.


Lila strives to impart useful legal  information to each and every one of Sol Law's clients.  Lila believes that the process of divorce can be an important learning and growing opportunity for many individuals for issues such as financial wellness and other family matters.  Lila also provides community education so that individuals that do not need an attorney can effectively represent themselves in a divorce or custody matter.  

Also, Lila enjoys presenting to fellow attorneys at Continuing Legal Education events and conferences, as well as writing on domestic relations topics for publication or for educational purposes. 

COVID-19  & 

Full Service "Virtual" Law Firm


The year 2020 brought many changes to families' lives.  Businesses have had to adapt.  Sol Law has met this challenge and has operated at full capacity during each stage of the pandemic, including lock-down and continuing through the ups and downs of the world's recovery.  Sol Law takes all precautions to keep clients and families safe.  Sol Law has also met the challenge of mastering the art of virtual representation.  All aspects of representation are available online: document signatures, meetings, payment options, and more.  Even Child and Family Investigator and mediation work has been adapted to virtual options when necessary.  Lila diligently participated in trainings to ensure that virtual representation met the same high standards as in-person representation.  Whether Zoom, WebEx or FaceTime, Sol Law can navigate the challenges of our time seamlessly. 


Lila has successfully litigated full trials via virtual representation and also adapted to the requirements of safe representation in the courthouse for emergency hearings that continue to require in-person appearance.  While virtual representation has its challenges, it also has its benefits in that some aspects of representation are more efficient and more cost effective. While Sol Law is hopeful for improving COVID-19 numbers and the vaccine, Lila will continue to use virtual options as a way to provide efficient and cost-effective representation to clients.  Please don't hesitate to inquire as to any COVID-19 safety precautions Sol Law has implemented  for the safety and wellbeing of all clients and families.